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Efficiency that warms the bottom line

Freezing in debth:

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Automatic Freezing Solutions

In 1988, OptimarStette delivered its first – and the first – automatic, horizontal plate-freezing system designed exclusively for processing fish onboard a vessel at sea.

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Automatic plate freezers

Vertical Plate Freezer
OptimarStette’s automated vertical and horizontal plate-freezing systems are available in a variety of types, sizes and capacities but all solutions offer the same major benefits

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One success leads to another

Automatic Vertical Plate Freezer
OptimarStette’s goal has always been to continuously improve our products so you can improve your food processing efficiency, safety and profitability. 

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Automatic systems for vertical freezers

Vertical Plate Freezer V3
OptimarStette has several systems for unloading vertical freezers. Each has features that revolutionize the food processing industry.

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Automatic horizontal freezers

Horizontal Plate Freezer
OptimarStette is unmatched in designing and producing automatic horizontal freezing systems that withstand the tests of time and heavy use in extreme conditions and limited spaces.

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Unique designs

Horizontal Plate Freezer H2
Optimar’s H1 and H2 horizontal freezers feature fully automatic technology that opens, loads and unloads only one station at a time. As simple and logical as this sounds, the design is unique to the industry with savings and benefits that are incredible.

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Nothing is too small or too big

OptiFreeze H3
Capacity capabilities per day from 10 tons to 1000 tons.

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OptiFreeze Blast

OptiFreeze Blast
As Optimar’s largest freezing system in size and capacity, OptiFreeze Blast is capable of freezing up to 1000 tons per day of any product – from meat and fish to poultry and pizza to vegetables and bakery goods. 

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Functionality from top to bottom

OptiFreeze Blast Detail
Robust and reliable. Flexible and modular. Cost effective. Hanging racks. Interfaces with OptiControl. Conserves energy.

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Special care for special products

OptiFreeze Blast - In production
Like its many other breakthroughs in freezing systems, OptiFreeze Blast proves, once again, that Optimar thinks “out of the box” even when it puts most of the technology inside one.