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Leading the way in automatic palletizing solutions

Palletizing in depth:

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Any product on any pallet

OptiPall - Detail
Whether loading box-by-box or layer-by-layer, one pallet at a time or 40 at the same time, Optimar has a palletizing system to meet your needs.

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Seafood, vegetables, fruit juice, ...

Optimar Elevator x-ray
Whether a frozen block or box contains fish filets or Italian gelato, fruit juice or spinach, Optimar’s conveyor and palletizing systems handle it promptly and with care to ensure it remains frozen, pure and undamaged.

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Beyond the basics

Rack Palletizer
The fully automatic Rack Palletizer is designed to unload the racks that the OptiSpecials Rack Loader fills. It is designed to handle very heavy loads very efficiently – up to 60 tons per hour.

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We run circles around the competition

Optimar Circular Palletizing Center
Replace up to 4 conventional traditional systems with only 1 Optimar Circular Palletizing Center.

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Sophisticated, robust, efficient

A robot is only as “smart” as the program running it. Optimar’s team works to make yours the very best.

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State-of-the-future not just state-of-the-art

Optimar Robotpall Detail 1
The robotic arm may be the most distinctive feature of Optimar’s unique circular palletizing center but it is only the most visible part of a continuous, fully automatic, total system.