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Compact palletizer

Compact palletizer

Optipall compact is a automatic operated palletizing system for a various type of cartons/block transporting pallets to cargo lift or to front cargo hold.

The palletizer unit is automatic operated based on block size 530x530x100 mm /1070x475x100mm (to be agreed) and fillets cartons with size 485x255x200 mm (different dimensions are available).

Size of pallet, between 800-1200 mm (to be agreed). Adjustable numbers of cartons on each pallet, maximum height pallet +pallet is 1600 mm (maximum total height 1750 mm).
Automatic operated plastic wrapper
Automatic block lift for blocks to top of palletizer.

Block security device installed on top of palletizer.
Automatic lift for pallet to top of palletizer.
Palletizer with integrated plastic wrapper, adjustable numbers of plastic wrapping.
Automatic device for putting the plastic on the pallet and automatic device for cutting plastic after wrapping, made of painted steel.
Empty pallets to be transported in to pallet stand with use of roller conveyor.