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Palleting Unit- singel box

Palleting Unit- singel box

  • Developed to pallet blocks from vertical freezers
  • Operating with carton or with out carton on blocks
  • Fully automatic, with pallet magazine and plastic wrapping
  • Capacity 15-20 tons/hour depending on height of pallet
  • Can be adapted to fit most existing factories
  • Reduces the manning in factory by 4-6 operators

Together with OPTI Freeze System, Optimar plastic sealing machine
and Optimar packing machine and plastic feeder,
the packing and palleting of fish will be efficiently executed.


  • Conveyor for blocks
  • 1 pcs accumulator station
  • Carton stacker arrangement
  • Pallet magazine/stacker
  • Plastic wrapping machine
  • PLC system
  • Man-machine communication via operator`s panel
  • Roller conveyor for emty pallet
  • Roller conveyor for completed pallet

Technical spesifications

  • Capacity, depending on pallet hight: 15-20 tons/hour
  • Carton size: Max 1080x530x100 mm
  • Pallet dim: US 1000x1200 mm + Europall 100x1000 mm
  • El. power required: Approx
  • Material: Stainless steel and Al
  • Control system: PLC
  • Press air: 7 bar
  • Air consumption: 200 Nl/min