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What if... rely on us!

24 hours/day service from our highly qualified personnel
OptimarStette, fish handling, freezing, convey, factory


call +47 70 10 80 00

24/7 service phone

call +47 951 08 000



Our goal is to reduce your need for service by improving our level of service.

Just like our processing-line systems, Optimar’s service agreement is tailor-made for you. As with all of our products, we offer a wide range of service options to mix and match according to your needs, the type of production, the technology and the location. Even our most basic agreement, however, guarantees the availability of spare parts and service all day, every day.

What sets us apart is not the price (although that is also guaranteed) but rather the availability and delivery of the parts you need in critical situations that can result in lost time and lost income. And, of course, regardless of the care you take to manage and maintain the equipment problems can occur. We’re always here to help, especially on short notice and at long distances.